This new site is growing in fits and spurts.

For now it is a cross-roads on the information super-highway.

For those who want to know more about my tag-line, read:
The Integrated Life, by Ken Eldred.

For those interested in my primary business focus, let me say that since 1999 I have worked part-time and some-times with an outstanding company making a very POSITIVE difference in the people’s lives.  Now I am launching full-time.  They offer 2 types of services that I believe everybody needs, and practically everyone can afford, but most people have yet to hear of them.

Identity theft is a growing problem.
How will you restore your good name after it hits you?

Most ID theft resolution requires legal services.
Lawyers can be very expensive.  But the color of Justice should not be green.
You will be amazed at the law firms and legal services you can access
for as little as $20 per month.
Putting a law firm to work for you is easy.

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Join me working to serve people by changing the way they access the legal system.
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